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Leadership Club is a program for Everything Little Farm lesson students who are 8 and older. We meet once a month at minimum. Our meetings are held on the 3rd weekend of the month for a few hours, however it is not specific to Saturday/Sunday or a specific time. The meeting date/time/location is in the E.L.F. newsletter each month.

This is a club for young equestrians to get to know one another from the farm and form friendship bonds, all while learning about horses. It is also a great way to expose the students (and trainers) to different styles of riding that they may not learn about at Everything Little Farm.

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Meetings are typically fun with friends, craft related, a horsemanship lesson, or a trip/guest speaker. We also do volunteer work within the community. The meetings typically try to rotate through the different “themes.”

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Dues are $50 a session or $200 for the year.

Supplemental Fees: If we take a trip that requires a per child fee, then typically dues cover a portion and parents supplement the other portion.

Sessions are:
Winter: December, January, February
Spring: March, April, May
Summer: June, July, August
Fall: September, October, November

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Absences: Absences are not made up, however if a meeting is on a weekend that is a holiday weekend, I try to have more than one meeting that month so that the children get more than one chance to make their 3 meetings for the month, and some kids even get 4 in that situation.

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Examples of meetings we have done in the past:
1. Dressage Farm
2. Board and Brush to make horse decorations
3. Scarecrow building each fall
4. Bethlehem Mounted Police tour
5. Learning about Icelandic Ponies
6. Parx Race Track where a race was named after Everything Little Farm
7. Special Olympics guest speakers
8. Learning to set courses, learning to take pony temps, learning to wrap legs
9. Team Building at a ropes course
10. Volunteering at Pine Run Asst. Living
11. Learning equine anatomy
12. Pool Parties
13. Ross Mill Pig Farm
14. Learning about Reining at Red Wing Farm
15. Sleepover at Philadelphia Zoo
16. Equine Massage, Equine chiropractor, Equine dentist guest speakers
17. Tack Shop Scavenger hunts
18. Learning about Mounted Games
19. Touring an Equine Hospital
20. Learning from Mary Sand at her studio, equine sculpture artist

Elf Vaulting

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Elf ropes course

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