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What is Pony Pals Club?

A six week course that gives young riders a good foundation to learn about horses and get a taste of riding before they start formal lessons. A good way to make sure your child is interested in horses and riding before starting private lessons. This is a group class.

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When: Monday Evenings from 5:30-7 pm (Fall session and Spring session)

Price: $215 for 6 weeks (Price subject to change)

Ages: 3-8

How it works: The students arrive and do a welcome activity while we wait for all the other students to arrive. The kids are then split into 3 age groups to groom the ponies. After grooming, the groups rotate through 20 minute stations including:

1.Horse Craft station.
2. Mini riding experience through an obstacle course to teach them to steer, stop, and different positions
3. Horsemanship Lesson to teach the children anatomy, feed, tack, etc. with fun games to teach to their age level.

Before the children leave, they feed the ponies.

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What to wear: Kids should wear closed toe shoes and long pants. They can borrow helmets, unless they have their own riding helmet. We have a consignment section to purchase riding boots and riding pants if you want your child to have riding gear.

Parents are welcome to stay or drop off. If a parent stays, then they can watch from behind the fence when the kids are back with the ponies.

If after 1-2 sessions (6 or 12 weeks) of Pony Pal Club, they are interested in more riding time, we can discuss them transitioning into private riding lessons.

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