(Updated 3/4/19)
A lot of weeks of camp are already filled!
Some little bits of info….

1. Wedding week is the week of June 24th. Friday will be the marriage ceremony between two of the ponies and any E.L.F. Parent/child is welcome to attend. It’s a fun day!

2. Children coming on the overnight camping trip in June MUST come to summer camp with a drop in day the day before we leave (FRI) so that they can help pack the trailer, etc.

3. Extreme Show week is FULL! I know that is a popular week. That week of camp is a must for those doing the Devon Horse Show on Monday July 15th. That show will be a two part horse show, Sunday night will be schooling, then back home or overnight in a hotel…then an early morning on Monday July 15th to compete. This will not be a cheap show as there are TONS of fees (braiding, stalls, EMT, etc etc.). If your child would like to do the Devon show and is not in camp that week, let me know and Ill see what we can do…maybe putting them in the July 1st extreme week instead.

4. IEA week is the week of Aug 19th. This is for kids eligible for IEA association and older but it’s not necessary for them to join IEA in the fall. Whether they aren’t ready come fall, or just don’t want to do it. However this week of camp will give them a good idea about what IEA is all about. There is also a show on Friday of that week at Jentri Stables for those that want to compete. The entry fees for the show are not included in camp fees.

5. Adv camp the week of August 26th. Ages 10+ only. THis week of camp includes a trip and overnight hotel stay in Assateague/Chincoteague. A Parent is welcome to come along but expenses will be on their own. (ie. hotel, etc.). This week has very few spots left. Overnight stay will be Tues-Wednesday of adv camp week. Then M, Th, Fri are all camp days as normal.

6. If your child would like to help with camp, see the side bar above to the right. 12+ is able to help with Tot week. 14+ with regular and Extreme weeks. Unfortunately due to my insurance paid help can’t start until 18.